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I love you too [template]

I’ve often discussed with students what the worst thing ever is. Not as in actually the worst things ever, like disease and death and man’s inhumanity to man; they don’t count. The worst thing ever as in eating a biscuit slowly, bit by bit, and really looking forward to the last mouthful, and looking for it initially with delighted anticipation and then baffled frustration and finally the beginnings of the crushing realisation that you’ve eaten it already and forgotten. Which is certainly one of the worst things ever.

The executive breakfast lounge

Image: the executive breakfast lounge (for reasons that will become clear)

It is not, however, the worst thing ever. Not any more. Because I have found out what the worst thing ever actually is – and who is responsible for this horror. It turns out that the perpetrator has been with me for months; has been a reliable (mostly) and certainly useful… Continue reading

Are you looking at me part III

I want you to imagine that I am staring you straight in the eye. It is a weird request, I know, but go with it. Visualise the stare. To provide inspiration, I typed ‘stare’ into flickr and this is what it gave me:


Image: G…

So, if you have the image, my question is this: how am I staring? Can you qualify the verb ‘staring’ with a juicy adverb – and here is the challenge – can you do so while avoiding cliché?

See, my contention is that there is no way to describe the act of staring that achieves this feat. All the adverbs that go with the verb ‘stare’ feel tired to me. When I think of staring, I think of staring ‘fixedly’. Or ‘unblinkingly’. Or ‘intently’, ‘steadily’, ‘blankly’. And every one of these feels like a cliché.

This is a matter close to my heart, since… Continue reading

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