readroulette: seven steps to bookjoy!


1. Reading a book? Come across a great line? Tweet it to @readroulette. No title, no author name: that would just be flaunting it. Preserve a sense of mystery. @readroulette then retweets


2. Fancy more great literary one-liners, one at a time? Follow @readroulette


3. Fancy skimming lots of great literary one-liners? Browse @readroulette’s profile


4. Inclined to share the bookjoy? Tell the world about @readroulette


5. Intrigued by the line, want the title of the book? Here comes the love: reply to the original sender and ask. Only connect, as EM Forster said, and my Dad had tea with him once, which just proves it.


6. Love the recommendation? Follow the sender. Hey presto! You have found a great book and a great person to follow, all in one Twitter-sized mouthful.


7. Love the sender? I guess that’s ok, unless you get all creepy about it. Remember: speed-dating for books. Books. Not people. But a little love on the side is not the worst thing in the world…


@readroulette: why?

  • Because you get to read haunting lines of literature, chiming like bells in the landscape of your mind
  • Because it introduces you to writers with a three-point-turn of phrase
  • Because it also introduces you to readers with impeccable taste


@readroulette: who?

  • I’m a reader and writer who loves sharing books, but has no time… hence @readroulette
  • For writing stuff, browse the rest of this website or follow @will_lefleming
  • For reading stuff, head to @readroulette to find something that tickles your fancy
Will le Fleming is a novelist. His debut, Central Reservation, is published by Xelsion and available now. Read more...

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