Literary Death Match

Dear all – by which I mean lovely subscribers in particular, and very welcome casual visitors in general – this is the briefest of updates following an unconscionably long radio silence about a profoundly exciting event: Literary Death Match, in London, on 2 April.

Literary Death Match poster

To be honest, I’m not sure I need to sell an event called Literary Death Match as exciting: the title kind of does that for me. However, I am nailing my colours to the excitement mast, wrong as that sounds, because I am appearing at this event alongside – yes, alongside – such luminaries as Jon Ronson and DJ Taylor.

There’s more here, including details of times, tickets, location. It would be very lovely to see you if you can come, and to hear you if you fancied cheering (at apt moments, obviously, not when people drop books/fall over/read something profoundly moving and elegiac).

Plug now over. Normal service (ie random musings) will resume shortly. Apologies again for the interruption of said ‘service’ (I was waylaid by an odd combination of the Reformation, 1970s theatrical politicisation and employment necessity – don’t ask…).

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